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Stephanie Caissie Scoular, M.A. (Psych), RRP, CCLCP, MCVP

Rehabilitation Consultant / Certified Life Care Planner

Stephanie Caissie Scoular has extensive experience providing and overseeing community-based rehabilitation services to individuals with traumatic brain injuries, including assessment, provision of therapy, and file coordination. Her highly organized, open communication approach as well as her knowledge of resources allows for her clients to access the best of care throughout their recovery.

Stephanie Caissie Scoular's training and experience results in a solid understanding of barriers to rehabilitation including chronic pain, behavioural issues, adjustment issues and pre-injury characteristics, and how to address them. She has extensive education in the area of cognitive processes as well as the anatomy of the brain and the effects of disease and damage on cognition and behaviour. She works closely with rehabilitation and medical professionals and other stakeholders to ensure that the needs of her clients and their families are being met throughout their rehabilitation.

Stephanie Caissie Scoular's background includes provision of services for adult and paediatric clients with brain injury, orthopaedic injuries, chronic pain, mental health disorders, and soft tissue injuries.

Stephanie Caissie Scoular is also a Certified Life Care Planner. Her background in rehabilitation and training in Life Care Planning allow for her to thoroughly assess the client's needs and to prepare comprehensive reports for clients to represent their long term needs resulting from permanent impairment and disabilities.